Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long since last post…

The good news is….ta ta ta ta ta ta I am down 40 pounds and 35.5 inches. WooHoo, Praise God!!!!!

That is a lot of taters!! 😉

 I have my brochure ready to send out and will attached it on a post I will send out tomorrow. Please feel free to print off and pass around to whomever and where-ever you can.

We are all a team player here so we all need to get busy and move ahead with this.

I have sent an e-mail to the IMF contact to request an addition to be made to my site there showing the contributions thus far. Hopefully they can add like the thermometer thingy and that will begin rising. I am a third of the way to my goal, oh my goodness, a third of the way, WOW! How exciting. Now we just need to get the donations coming in.

I thought about planing a Poker Tournament, got the idea from Tackling Myeloma Foundation by Eli Alexander check out their site. www.tacklemyelomafoundation.com

Multiple Myeloma is on the rise not on the decline. So it is imperative that we get the information out there.

Blessings to you all,

Until tomorrow when I will send out the brochure.