Well the IMF came in with a whirlwind, literally! I was honored to attend the March 2008 Patient Family Seminar in Atlanta, GA .

It was incredible! If none of you have been to a Patient Family Seminar you need to seek out the next one closest to you and do what you can to get there! It is a wealth of information and the people you network with have “been there, done that” and most even have the Teeshirt, 😉 !

Friday evening after the seminar was over as we were heading home my nephew called and asked if we were still in Atlanta and said to be careful as the weather was really bad, like tornado bad! We had an amazing light show all the way home. Lightening all around us all the home. It was kinda cool, that is until we got home and I rec’d another called from my nephew asking if we were still up there because they had to evacuate the Westin Peachtree Plaza due to the tornado and there was damage at the Ga Dome and other buildings. We figured out the timing of all the activity and we had just passed the areas by minutes after the main activity. Of course we were on the interstate, but it is wonderful how bliss ignorance is. We had no clue what was going on only streets away.

It will take a long time for Atlanta to fully recover. The Equity building which is kinda a landmark building lost almost all their windows.

Hopefully next week I can submit some pictures and some information from the Seminar .

Blessings to you all! I appreciate all who help to bring awareness to Mulitple Myeloma. Let us not forget to do our part some we can hopefully hear they have found a cure.