Hello out there~

We picked back up with our meeting today. Attendance was low as one of our members is in Little Rock getting his second SCT so that is 2 missing, and another couple was unable to attend due to an illness in their family and had to go out of state.

It is my hope that everyone will be present for the June 21st, meeting.

Just in case any readers are in the Pensacola area I will list the dates for the remainder of the year for you if you would like to stop in for a visit. The location is The West Florida Public Library ~ 200 W Gregory St. Pensacola. It is on the coner of Spring and Gregory Streets.

June 21st, @ 1:30pm

July 19th, @ 1:30pm

August 16th, @ !:30pm Guest Speaker Andy Lebkuecher from the IMF will be here to help us celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

September 20th, @ 1:30pm We have someone else lead the group this day as I am expecting to be in Africa. Perhaps one of you!

October 18th, @ !:30pm  Tentative Guest Speaker ~Dr Hrncic of “The Binding Site” (Free Light Chain Testing )

November 15th, @ 1:30pm

Dec 20th, @ 1:30 pm

Now for a drum roll please……… in regards to “Losing Weight Gaining Awareness Campaign” I have now lost 58 pounds! WOO HOO!  Now at this point I am not sure how much has been pledged, but I am hoping all who read will donate just One Dollar per pound to the IMF for research and awarenesss. I have given you my direct link but will give it again, https://tinyurl.com/22yvxt
that will take you directly to my place inside the IMF website.

Blessings to you all. We are excited about the things that are happening in research. Let us keep research going for us all so one day we will here, we have found a cure for Multiple Myeloma!

Until next time, take care of you!