Hello to everyone! We had a great meeting this last Saturday. It was still a small turn out, but I never let attendance get me down. The group is there for those who want to connect with others that have MM and know what they are going through.

It is a time to come together, to discuss treatment plan, to be educated on lastest discoveries in treatment, to see who is going to where and what they think about where they are going. It is a time to talk, a time to listen, a time just to be in the company of others, others who really understand what you are going through. No questions have to asked, no comments have to be made, there is no awkwardness, because everyone present knows, everyone present understands. No words are needed.

I am still actively “Losing Weight Gaining Awareness” for MM, doing much better in the losing weight department as I have finally hit the 60 pounds mark. Can’t say I have done as well in the gaining awareness department as my attempts to raise $120,000 for research and awareness for MM are not doing so well. But I will not give up. I may actually reach my goal of losing 120 pounds before receiving much in the way of funds for research.

Research is so vital for this cancer, it is still considered to be a terminal diagnosis. While recent discoveries have made life more bareable and extended a bit, it is ultimately still a terminal cancer. A death sentence if you will. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to know we have wiped this cancer out in our life time. I believe we can with more research we can find a cure. But research doesn’t come without a price tag unfortunately. Everything is expensive. So is research.

Please help me get awareness out there to everyone. The more awareness, the more agressive we can get in research funding.  As I have mentioned in earlier postings, I am losing weight, gaining awareness for multiple myeloma. I am asking you all to sponsor me in my endeavors to lose 120 pounds by pledging to give $1.00 per pound lost. All the money goes for research. ALL OF IT. I get nothing! Oh wait a minute, I get the joy and satifaction of knowing I lost 120 pounds and with every dollar I put in and every dolloar you put in we have the joy and satisfaction of knowing we are making a difference in the world. And who knows, it may be one of those dollars that made the final difference in being able to say YES WE HAVE A CURE!  Wouldn’t that be wonderful to know you made that difference.

At one point this was a cancer that was considered an old persons cancer, but not anymore, younger and younger people are hearing, “You have Multiple Myeloma”!

Won’t you consider being a vital part in helping to gain awareness for MM and help to find a cure with me.

You can go directly to my donate site by clicking the link here: https://tinyurl.com/22yvxt
To learn more about MM you can go to: www.myeloma.org  or www.multiplemyeloma.org

We are looking forward to our August meeting when we have  Andy Lebkuecher from “The International Myeloma Foundation” with us and then in October we have Dr Rudi Hrncic from “The Binding Site” coming all the way from California to meet with us.

Our July meeting will be July 19th at the West Florida Public Library on the corners of Spring St and Greogry St. We meet at 1:30pm and finish at 3:00pm. If you are in the area, please feel free top stop by.

Until next time ~