We had our support group meeting Saturday a week ago and we had some new people show up. A Mom and her 2 girls. Her father in law had recently been dx’d and was wanting information and we were able to provide lots of educational material for her and her family to have in hand, information that is MM specific. That is what our support group is about, being Multiple Myeloma Specific. About providing support by joining together with others with your specific diagnosis, not another type of cancer which may or may not be simular. When you hear you have MM you want to hear from others that have MM.

I have rec’d e-mails from 3 different people in the last month that have recently rec’d a diagnosis of MM in this general area, NW FL. We, as a support group have been able to supply immediately information and support to them all.

We have one of our members currently in Tampa, getting her SCT and she has been keeping up posted on her journey, some of her journey has not been as hoped but the SC collection when they were actually able to do it went very well. The actual SCT is to be on Friday August 1st. Please remember Sylvia during this time. She is an awesome lady, always a smile on her face and full of HOPE.

We have another couple that the husband has MM and just completed his first SCT last month and we are hopeful to hear from them soon.

Our August meeting will bring Andy Lebkuecher from the International Myeloma Foundation  back to see us as we celebrate our 1 year anniversary as a support group. If you are in the area please join us. Our meeting will be on August 16th @ 1:30pm at the West Fl Library on the corner of Gregory and Spring Street in Pensacola, FL.

Wonderful news, October 2008 brings to us a special week, 

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Week 2008

October 20-26, 2008



Melanoma. Myeloma. To the general public, cancer is cancer. But to those of us for whom myeloma is a reality of life, awareness of this growing cancer is critical if we  are to improve early diagnosis and provision of new treatment options—treatments that increase not only the percentage of patients responding well to treatment, but the length of their survival—and gain support for myeloma research around the world.

Stay tuned for future announcements about this exciting event, as well as specific information about how you can become involved! We at the ECMMSG have some exciting plans for this.

Some donations have begun to come in through my efforts in “Losing Weight Gaining Awareness” for MM. I am still at a loss of only 60 pounds, I have slacked off and must get back on track as I am only half way there to reach my goal of 120 pounds. But we are no where near the half way mark in raising the 120,000 dollars which has been my goal to raise to help with research and awareness for MM. Please help spread the word and let’s get this out there to help with the donations so we can help with the research and funding for awareness to hopefully one day soon hear, we have found a cure!

Blessings to you all!