What an honor for us to welcome Andy from the IMF to be our speaker this month. It is always a delight to see him for he brings with him a wealth of information and always encouragement to all.

Thank you Andy for everything, from all of us at the Pensacola MM Support Group.

We saw a slide presentation on “How to be a Good Patient”. Aimed not as you may think but quiet the opposite. This is referring to being a good patient to yourself.

The greatest and the best thing one can do for ones self is to ask questions, ask questions and ask questions. Stay informed. Keep a record of all your treatments and testing results. The IMF has made this extremely easy by logging on to their website you can download absolutely free” The Patient Manager” I have included the link for your convenience

Download the Myeloma Manager™ Personal Care Assistant™ 

On Sept 5th you can tune in ~  

On Friday, September 5, 2008, at 8 PM
  <!– When: 09.05.08–>Where:
Your house!

At 8:00 p.m. (in every time zone across the country), ABC, CBS and NBC will support cancer research with a commercial-free primetime hour to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of cancer research.

Comprised of celebrities, leading researchers, advocacy groups, and major corporations Stand Up to Cancer is a galvanizing force created to urgently move cancer research forward.

The IMF is part of Stand Up To Cancer as a recognized resource, and Susie Novis, President of the IMF, is a member of the Stand Up to Cancer Advocate Advisory Council.

You can host your own party much like having a Super Bowl Party or an Oscar’s Night party, for more info please check out www.myeloma,org and events.


My trip to Africa on a Medical Missions has been postponed until April of 2009 so that is good news for me in a couple of different ways. 1 being I still need to get more of this weight off and the opportunity to get there before I go to Africa. 2nd~ it gives me more time to get the Awareness out there and raise the $120,000 for research I was wanting to raise before going on my trip. Once again none of this money comes to me, it goes directly to the IMF for Research and Awareness. Please join in my efforts in making this dream come true as I seek to move forward in bringing Awareness to Multiple Myeloma to not only this area but globally as well.

A direct link to my donation site is: https://tinyurl.com/22yvxt  here you can make your donations securely and directly to the IMF. Blessings to you all and please feel free to forward this on to all of your friends lets get a cure for MM so no one will ever have to hear the words you have MM without hearing, “but we have a cure”.

We have news from Sylvia, she finally made it through her SCT and is recovering and looks absolutely beautiful.

Cindy just returned from Little Rock and had some great news, she does not have to go back for another check up for a whole year!

 Woo Hoo Cindy! I knew it would be great news!!! 😉

We missed all the ones who could not make it and it was great to see everyone who made it to the August Meeting as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with cake, coffee, soft drinks, water, meat and cheese tray and a fruit tray.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Sept.